Convertible Top Installation


I decided to take on the project of replacing the convertible top for several reasons. The main reason is the cost of paying someone to do it runs between $500 and $600. Secondly, it's more fulfilling to do your own work, even though you may get frustrated at times. A lot of patience is the key to installing a convertible top. You don't want it to end up looking sloppy.

This picture was taken from the rear passenger side of the car with the top folded up on itself.

After removing the old top, which I carefully took notes on, we loosely set the new top in the place.

We started at the rear (bow 5) worked our way forward. Fixing the top to the rear bow consisted of centering and fitting the top on the bow and and installing the weather stripping.

Tacking the material to the front bow was the most difficult part of the job. It has to be tight and even to keep out the wrinkles.

The completed job. It still needs a couple of adjustments, which I will tackle after I give the top enough time to stretch out.