Front Bumper Installation


Looking at the picture to the right, you can see why I had to replace the bumpers. The car had been in storage for a long time and the bumper dried and cracked, making it useless. Regardless, fiberglass bumpers hold their shape better and the paint won't fade and crack as easily as the rubber ones do.
The fiberglass bumper before any cutting or grinding. A rotary tool makes the job easier.
Here is a image of what the front end looks like after the bumper is removed. Believe it or not a lot of parts still need to come off the car. The car will probably loose 50 lbs or more after both bumpers are replaced.
I had to remove the bumper cushion to make the fiberglass bumper fit correctly. Part of the cushions job was to help hold the shape of the rubber bumper.
Once I achieved the proper fit, after adding filler to the car and the bumper, I painted. I kept the floor wet and used a good sealer and degreaser before painting. It is very important to have a clean surface before you attempt to put on your first coat of paint. If you don't clean the surface, you get fisheyes everywhere.
The almost finished job. After the paint totally cures, I will paint the bumper pads black.