Fuel Line Flare Nut Replacement


The Flare nut on the carburetor side of my Corvettes fuel line was rounded over and could only be removed with locking pliers.  I contemplated replacing the entire fuel line, but decided to attempt replacing the damaged flare nut.


I bought a pipe flaring tool at a local auto parts store for around $6.  Simple to use and works very well.  The silver part of the tool is attached to the fuel line with the pipe extending just beyond the edge of the tool.  The red part of the tool is used to add the flare the the pipe.   
To remove the old flare nut, I cut off the flared portion of the fuel line.
I purchased a new flare nut for 69 cent at the same place I bought the flaring tool. 
I placed the new flare nut on the fuel line and used the tool to add the flare. 
Complete project.  Simple to do and inexpensive considering the alternative of replacing the entire fuel line.