Interior Repairs


Working on the interior is a tedious job. You have to be careful when removing anything. The best advice is to take your time and don't force anything. If you do you will break something and find out how expensive interior panels cost.

You can see how ugly things get when you take apart the interior. I was in the process of putting it back together in this picture.

When I had the dash apart, I fixed the tach, clock and installed new speakers.

The clock was probably the most tedious thing to repair. I tried some suggestions on how to fix the Corvette's Quartz clock that included lubrication and cleaning the contacts. But that didn't help in my case. I found that the coil in the clock was bad. The solution was to wind a new coil. I took apart the clock, removed the iron core and fried coil. Then I carefully unwrapped the coil; counting every turn. To wrap the coil, I used coated wire of the same diameter. You can purchase it at any electronics store. It's doesn't keep the best time, but works none the less.

The finished product.