Power Steering Cylinder


Looking at the cylinder while it is still mounted on the car, you can see why it needed rebuilt. It was leaking quite a bit, leaving spots of fluid on my garage floor. Getting it off the car was cut and dry; had to remove the fluid lines and cylinder rod that attached to the frame on the drivers side of the car. The most stubborn part of the job was seperating the cylinder from the steering linkage (indicated with the red arrow). I used heat, brute force and WD-40 to get it off. More of a pain than removing a ball joint.
The cylinder off the car prior to cleaning it up.
I disassembled the cylinder and layed out the parts in the order I removed them in. My manual doesn't mention the order of the parts for reassembly, nor does the rebuild kit. At least it isn't clear which parts are which. Another error/omission is it states that the rod can be removed. I found this not to be true on mine; it is sealed inside of the cylinder. The only parts replaced in the cylinder are the ones seen here, plus a couple of minor parts on the ball stud end of the cylinder (the part that connects to the steering linkage) and some rubber bushing for where the rod connects to the frame.
The finished product. Only a couple hours work including bleeding the system after reassembly. Cost around $30.