Speaker Enclosures


The sound system in my Corvette is a bit lacking. I plan on keeping the original AM/FM radio in it. Overall it doesn't sound that bad, it just doesn't have a very full sound to it because the only speakers are mounted in the dashboard, none in the rear. I decided to supplement the factory speakers with Pioneer TS-G1040's. I didn't want to make any holes in the car, so I decided to make some enclosures.
Because the speakers would be out of sight under the deck lid, I used 1/2" chipboard and painted them flat black. The dimensions of the box are: 7" L x 6" W (at the base) and 5 3/4" H. I cut datto's to neatly join the boards together. The angle of the face is 15 degrees.
The complete project. I decided to make my own enclosures because I couldn't find any of the correct size and the one's I did find were a bit expensive. This project didn't cost me a cent because I had all the supplies laying around my garage and shed.
Click here to download plans to the enclosures. The image shows a view from the side. If you need information, send an email and I'll draft up some detailed instructions. If you've done some wood work, then this diagram should be enough.

To download, right click and click on "Save Target as...", otherwise click on the file to view it.

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