Rear Spring Bushings


Replacing the link bolt bushing assembly at first though is kind of scary, it was for me at least. But it was surprisingly simple. The cost of this project is under $20.

First you put your car up on jack stands and remove the rear wheels.

Next use the jack to lift the spring, removing tension from the assembly. Use a 4" C clamp and a section of 2x4 to keep the jack from sliding up the spring. At this point you can remove the nut from the bolt, lower bushing and washer.
Slowly lower the jack until the bolt clears the spring. Now you can remove the bolt and upper bushing. You may have to move the brake line to get the bolt out. Following that, insert a new bolt, washer and upper bushing.

This photo shows a better view of the clamp and 2x4.

Jack up the spring while holding the bolt centered over the hole in the spring to prevent damaging the threads. Then install the lower bushing, washer and nut. Before lowering the jack, preposition a wrench on the head of the bolt (as in picture). Once the tension from the spring is released, it's impossible to fit the wrench in between the bushing and the housing above it. You can tighten the assembly with the jack in place, but I found it easier to tighten it when removed.
A job well done! This project took about an hour to complete.
A picture of the old and new assemblies.